Should I stay or should I go?

My best friend is female. We've be close for about the last three years. She split with her ex about a year ago, and we have become really close during that time. She started talking to her ex about a month ago. Roughly about that same time she no longer responds to text or responds a day later. She now started to keep her distance from me. Making sure not to give me any more attention than any other male friend. Skipping out on things we used to do together. A lot of people thought we were dating just by how we act towards each other. Very playful and a lot of laughter. Because people thought we were dating he became jealous. And that was part of the reason they broke up. Now one year after she and I are very close and she's one of the best friends I have ever had. This keeping her distance and no contact unless she texts first really imitates me. I miss my friend. Now its as if we were never that close to begin with. I'm about to walk away for good. I know friendships change when people start dating, but this feels like I never meant anything at all to her. I've brought this up to her and she said that they had resumed talking and he had said some things about me and that was all she said. Wondering what should I do?


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  • Always tease tease tease

    You're happy when I'm on my knees

    One day is fine, next is black

    So if you want me off your back

    Well come on and let me know...

    sorry to waste your time


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