Guys, If you dated two girls that you liked and got caught by you still think of her?

I just found out that this guy I was dating was also dating another girl by Facebook. They have only been dating about a month and we have been dating at least four. I found out when he changed his status to "In a relationship" but I know that he cared a lot about me. It was odd because we text almost every day and he would initiate and ask me out. I text him and asked him "When were you going to tell me? I hope she treats you right. Wow, I think you are making a mistake" his response was "mistake about what?" It is so sad that the other girl does not know that he was seeing us both. We had a strong connection and does not make any sense. If you all know Facebook you know that someone has to send you a request to change status. I know for a fact he knew her for about a month and I know she had to initiate it and he had no choice because she would wonder why if he didn't. When I sent that text he didn't reply much. I know he liked me a lot. Do you think he still thinking about me? Last text I sent him is "I didn't understand how we can communicate well and less than 2 days he is serious with are making a mistake..good luck with that". I remember him telling me he doesn't like when women move too fast...he says after he has sex with them they think they are in a relationship. I found out she is about 8 years younger..he is 30 and she moved away from him so now they are in distance relationship. Something tells me that if she had not sent that request to change status he would have dragged it on...smh...but anyway if you were put in that position would you still think about the girl that left you? I like him but don't plan on going back to him. I probably would if he came back but I will have to hear what he has to say. .. but I also want him to think hard about what he did..smh. I want him to miss me. We had a strong connection. I wanted to email her to let her know to be careful because I see red when people do others that way. He didn't say much when I text him. Why do think that is? I was thinking because he maybe felt like a fool and didn't know what to say. .smh


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  • you can tell the connection is strong for BOTH of you when it leads to a relationship. I don't think the feeling was as mutual as you think. Sure, you may have had a great connection, but apparently, he didn't I think that's just the things we learn in dating and with people. Sometimes its mutual sometimes its not.

    Of course... once you find out its not mutual, you're supposed to get on with it and go find someone who actually shares the same feelings as you. Otherwise, you're just spinning your wheels. Don't spin your wheels over this guy anymore. please.

    • yea but it is confusing because he initiated that we were definition is that you are set on getting to know "one" person and if it don't work to move on to the next...he was dating both of us at the same time and we were not supposed to they are not in a relationship (status change on Facebook)...rather odd...but when I found out I told him he was making a mistake (decision to be in a relationship with her)

    • still not worth your time.

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  • Bit of a double standard,no? Women often date several guys at once, rotating the dates, and don't tell them about each other. No one holds that against them..but when a guy is dating even two.

  • Yes, I'd still think of her.


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  • So sorry,honestly I would dump him straight away if I were you and won't talk to him anymore whether he still likes me or not.I have done that before.No big deal.That guy you are talking about is a player and not worth your time and energy.And not even worth it for you to ask this question.Sorry.


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