Is Cedar Point a good first date?

We're within a couple hours driving distance. The girl I have in mind--we've been friends for a couple of years, so we're already comfortable with each other, and I'm getting heavy, heavy signs from her. I was thinking of just going up to her and telling her that we should go this weekend. What do you think?


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  • Personally, that would be an awesome good first date. If she is into roller coasters that is a great option (especially if you do the wind-seeker at dusk. It is the best view of the lake). Be aware of the long line waits and have things prepared to talk about.

    • hmmm, maybe we could get one of those "fast-pass" things.

    • Usually fast passes are sold on a per ride basis (at most amusement parks, I am not positive if cedar point does). The unlimited fast passes can get pricy. So if you want to do that and know what rides you want to go on in advance it helps. Also it is going to be more crowded on the weekend so if you have the ability, a Tuesday or a Wednesday is usually better.

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