What would you do - call or what?

Ok well I got all the courage to talk to this guy that I had a big thing for but we ended on bad terms 2 months ago. So I called him and he didn't answer then I texted and said he can we talk? Then he called back. I said hello and he said hey I said is this a bad time ? And he said to be honest yes and you hear his dad in the background then I said can we possible talk later he said yeah. Then I said OK bye he said see ya. And My friend heard the call cause I put it on speaker said he sounded happy but chill. Now it's the next day and I don't know what to do ? Should I text or call him or what? What would you do?


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  • Call him back. That wasn't the right time, and you were the one to call him first.

    • So I should call him or text him back now?

    • Yeah, since you felt you needed to speak to him. So sure, why not try now if you think he's not busy.

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