He wanted a relationship and now doesn't?

This friend of mine has been chasing me for over a year, constantly asking me out saying he wanted to be with me more than anything. I've said no because it would of been long distance and we were very good friends, etc. Finally this summer, I said yes because I realized that I was falling in love with him (he has been telling me since last summer he's loved me). So one night I told him how I felt and for a week it was great and then he just dropped off the grid and ignored me and when I finally talked to him, he told me he didn't want a girlfriend and everything moved too fast. Um, what?

Someone help me out on this, please.


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  • What. The. Hell.

    There really might be something weird going on. I don't know what. Unfortunately, the possibility exists that he may have just wanted to 'conquer' you. Not to imply that you slept with him, but even the your acquiescence could have been enough. People like that really piss me off, but that sounds extremely bizarre.

    • the best is that when I talked to him about it, I was like "I'm pretty black and white. You're either my friend or you're someone I'm interested. I don't want to be in this "friends with benefits" thing with you because we do have actual feelings for each other." and he was like, "I want my own category- the potential relationship category where we are more than friends... we just cannot date."

      I seriously have no idea what to think anymore...

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    • If I had to put a final say on it, based on what I know right now (which, obviously isn't much) I'd say he just wanted conquest.

    • I agree. I'm just extremely disappointed because he used to be one of my best friends and "hated" the way my ex treated me.

      Thank you for your input.

  • to put it simple he poured his heart out.lol part of his plan to get you to realize soon or later he knew you would say no. then come to him give him his satisfaction and then he moves on.probably real good with the ladies-_- I would just move on forget him.


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