If a guy likes you, will he make it happen?

I like this guy and he's a little on the shy side but I think he might like me back.

He always invites me over and we play video games together a lot.

He always offers to drive me home even though I have my own car or I live within walking distance of wherever we are.

He compliments me often.

He lets me wear his hats, sunglasses, etc.

He teases me and goofs around a lot.

He seemed kind of sad when his friend tried to set us up for prom and I sad no.

He sits next to me a lot.

He always brings up the things we have in common, especially when we're the only ones in the group that like that particular thing.

He does all these things and it makes me think that he might like me, but he never initiates anything. I tease him and I flirt with him and I just don't understand why he'd do all this and not like me.

Is this completely hopeless?


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  • He likes you, but sometimes life cannot be as simple as being direct. If he can't initiate, then you should. Someone has to. Both of you like each other but if no one knows what to do, a good opportunity is gone. Who knows what you two may become?


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  • Unless he's shy, yes he'll go for you.

  • not always true


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