Has someone loved you so much that it actually scared you and made you want to run away?

Has anyone ever been in a relationship where your partner loves you so much that it scares you and makes you want to run away?

I'm in a relationship with a guy for almost two years. This guy loves me so much that I'm actually scared. Sometimes I feel like I can't breath. I'm scared that he'll be destroyed if I ever leave him. He is seriously committed (as he has said many times). I'm committed, I'm not seeing anyone else, but from time to time I just want to run away.

I have met his family; he tells me about family issues; he tattooed my name on his chest; he put me as the beneficiary on his insurance; he has talked about marriage a few times but I've turned him down every single time by telling him a straight-forward "No".

I know he's nice; I know he has the qualities I'm looking for in my Mr. Right; I know I want to be with someone who really loves me, but then at the same time I'm not sure if he's the person I want to spend the rest of my life with because I know that I'm not at my happiest self, and I think I SHOULD be if I'm with the right one. I've tried to leave him before but it didn't work. I'm still with him, we are happy sometimes, but then sometimes I feel so much pressured and feel as if I'm tied down by the wrong person and I just want to run. I start questioning myself if it's just that I have commitment problems or if it's just that I don't love him enough to be with him and I feel so much guilt. Any thoughts?


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  • you wanna run away because he love you a lot ? why you are scared ? it's more good that your boyfriend loves you a lot,you should respect his feelings for you,and it's also your plus point,maybe their is something in you that is keep attracting him towards you,c'mon girl,you've made him crazy and now you feels that you should go away,you know the same thing happened to me,i loved a girl so much then one day she said to me that "you love me a lot but I don't love you like you do,i think I don't deserve your love" 4 years it took to recover myself,i've lost my 4 years because of that girl,I Was Like I have No Soul When She Left me Crying Behind Her ,he has crossed all limits of love for you,it's also because some people are hungry of attention,maybe you are the first person who understand his feelings that's why he loves ya very much,well it's your life but I think you should not run from him.

    • What happened to you after your ex left is exactly what I'm afraid of. It just really makes you feel guilty when someone loves you so much and you know you won't be able to return as much. You feel that they deserve better and it's not fair for them. And you're right, I was the person who happened to understand him, who just got into his life out of nowhere, broke all his guards down, changed him and now he's madly in love with me and can't handle losing me but the pressure is so much I'm scared

    • Well my life used to very beautiful when my angel was with me but when she left me I was like soul less human,i stopped eating,i stopped studying,stop taking interest in other things,actually I was really shocked that he lighted you my world and she did dark it again,i used to cry all the time,i was totally disturbed,she diched me but you know I still say that if she ever need me so just say my name and she'll find me by her side,now I don't believe any girl +

    • i can't imagine any girl on her place in my life now,thanks to my friends who back me into life again,but everybody have no good friends,and you now ! love is not the thing of give or take,it's just a beautiful feeling,i'm sure he never ask to return his love,he is just trying to prove you that nobody can love you like he does...

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  • No, I haven't been loved that way.

  • Wow.

    Okay, try this. Sit down with a piece of paper. Divide it into two columns. Label one column "reasons to stay" and label the other "reasons to go".

    If you're honest with yourself, it will help you to identify your feelings, and you'll be able to answer some of these questions for yourself.


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  • Whoa - he had your name tattooed on his chest? That seems a big extreme maybe...

    I think you have a right to feel how you feel. I don't think anyone should have to feel so much pressure in a relationship. Loving and caring about someone is different than making them feel stuck.

    Anyways, I have had at least one experience that was kind of like that where I just felt like the guy liked me TOO much, and I totally broke it off with him because it just made me really uncomfortable.

    I would say there are probably guys out there who would love you but not make you feel this way. It might be really hard, but maybe it's better if you let go of the guilt. It's better if you break up with him before you meet someone else that you might prefer - that would crush him much more.

    • Just Supposed ! what if you are that guy,can you afford to loose her ? it's very easy to say anyone to break up but if you would be there so what will you do ?

  • Are you afraid of commitment?

    Because he loves you so much, he tends to be clingy and almost needy.

    Which causes you to be turned off by it and makes you want to 'run away'.

    You should talk to him about it.

    That's why you are a couple with him, you need to have comunication with him.

    Can't think of anything else.

    It's been 2 years, you should at least try your best to see if anything can be fix.

    If not, then you can ended for the good of it.

    Ive never seen a guy that in love. Guess its rare.


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