Guys Answer: How Do I Play It Cool?

I've been talking to this guy for about 3 weeks. We have been really starting to get into each other however I feel like recently he is starting to fall back a little I'm not sure if he's stressed from spraining his ankle or really busy since he has a 5 year old daughter which he had this past Saturday. I know since he has a kid I'm not at all a priority in his life which I totally understand. He hasn't texted me back in two days, and I'm hoping he hasn't lost interest and is just slowing the tempo down and or is just busy. If he does text me back which I pray he does what can I say and do to make it seem like I'm saying "I like you but I'm not obsessed with you" "if I hear from you great if not it's whatever" without making it obvious?

Thursday he emphasised how he really wanted me to see me after work to chill when that time came he texted me frantic thinking I was already near his house because he got a a call for an earlier mri apt and took it

Friday: after him saying they said its a torn ligement and has to be out for two weeks I offered to keep him company when he starts feeling stir crazy. He said he'd be working and sat he had his daighter but asked what I was doing sat.

Didnt text him sat. Texted sun no reply


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  • You play it cool by taking longer to reply.

    • I haven't heard from him since Friday when I did finally text. Nothing. Safe to say he's over it..on to the next one

  • I think you should just talk to him more. Instead of texting give him a call and organize something. He has a daughter; take some interest! Offer to take her out for ice-cream seeing as he can't at the moment and bring some back for him. It'd be a good time for conversation, etc. He might feel as though you are only interested in him and not his daughter.

    • He only gets her every other week he just told me about her and I told him I'm excited that he has a daughter not scared but I hear what your saying about showing more interest him his life but I think its too early to include myself with his daughter for single parents that's a big deal I know because my mom was one and theyre not gonna introduce just anyone their kid especially so early.

    • Mhm, I see your point.. My mum's a single parent too. I guess she is pretty young too though.

    • Yea considering he doesn't have full custody were he can kinda get away with t overall the last thing he or his kid needs is a bunch of girls he doesn't really know well enough coming in and out of her life. But if I do hear from him I'll take your advice and show a greater interest in his life not that I haven't but to show our relationship isn't a major priority right now I'm here for you but I understand you have a lot of responsibilities to handle.

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