Did I scare this girl away?

We've been hanging out a fairbit (not in relationship yet) and we like each other, made out, no sex, just kisses and cuddles. Cutting it short, the last time I saw her she was talking about how her parents love meeting new boys of hers etc

So now (a few days later) we were texting and flirting and I brought up "so when am I gonna meet these great parents you speak so highly of haha?", I intended it kinda half joke half serious. But yeah she hasn't replied for a while.

I think I f***ed up :(
Yep I over thought it all turned out well :)


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  • lol, you didn't f*** up. she might have not been serious about you meeting them, it might have been somethign she mentioned in passing. anytime you propose a date or anything and put it on the girl to figure out how to plan it and make it happen though, is a bad idea.

    you should always been intiating and leading dates at this stage... forget abotut he parents, keep getting to know her, and organize and plan the dates, don't let her pretty little head worry about the details of things... her biology won't stay open and warmed up, and harder to turn on.


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  • How long is "a while"?

    There is nothing in that to suggest you "f***ed" up at all, I wouldn't go jumping to conclusions.

    • a month?

      to make it worse I jsut sent her message saying that text was a screw up and I shouldn't have said something so stupid

      i keep digging myself deeper

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    • oh sorry aha its been like an hour, but straight before this message we were pretty much instant message

      I thought you meant how long we'd bbeen seeing each other

    • ok that makes a lot more sense an hour isn't a big deal, I often talk to friends online and then go watch something with my sister and cmpletely forget about it and come back a few hours later to see my friends are angry now :|

      just wait and see what she says.

  • When she said her parents like meeting new guys of hers she was probably trying to pay you a comment i.e. "you're the kind of guy I'd like to date".. but I think you may have taken it too literally. I think you just need to keep it light and fun and don't read too much into the fact she didn't reply. Just send her a casual text about going out one night, be a little flirty and say you were only joking about the other day. That will probably set her mind at ease if you did freak her out, and if she's just been busy she will just be pleased you want to see her again.


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  • She is probably just busy, some of my firneds do that to me, does she goes to school or something during the day or have plans, because anytime when I say something back they never text me back unless they have freetime, so she is probably just busy with something important. Your probably fine, I however I admit I say stupid stuff to girls either on Facebook or phone, other times I am just parnoid. So your probably worrying about it too much.

  • IMO you waited too long to respond to her parent hint. When she said the parents line you could've said "Oh is that so?" you keep it short. You see you're questioning and if she meant you she would've upped the hint like "yeah a new guy may meet them soon" and then that would've told it.

    However don't put negativity in your mind. Because you will get it back like you are now. Trust me. I have "put it in my mind I messed up" and made matters worse or got desperate. Play it cool and LET HER contact you. Show her you're busy and you'll get your answer.

    • yeah alright but she never contacts me, I only text etc late at night because I give in and want a chat

    • If she has your number and never contacts you that says it all. Secondly by giving in and wanting a chat with her you are needy! If she isn't contacting you as it is by doing this you're going to make her distance herself from you and be even worse with you.

      Stop the calls even better yet stop texting her. When you do she will wonder what happened. and if she feels good about and likes you she will text you. Until than lay low, be nice to her but keep it short. Let her miss you.

    • mm OK, thanks for the advice

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