I like him, I'm sure he knows. Question about this guy?



I wouldn't say I have been officially dating this guy but we have been hanging out and we talk a lot (usually everyday or other day and he initiates phone calls to me)

We had a gap where we didn't talk for three weeks. He was out of town for work (navy) and we email every time he's out to sea so he was out for1-2 weeks. it was getting close to when he was coming back so instead of emailing I told him just text or call me when you get back so we can hang out,then I never got anything

I had too much pride to be the one to call first so I figured "if he wanted to talk to me, he would do it." three weeks later I texted him for some clarification on whether he was indeed not interested anymore or what (I guess for closure since I got the 'hint') but then he told me he did text me and told me what day and that was the day I switched over to my new phone so it messed up. He mentioned he was feeling I wasn't interested anymore either but like me, didn't want to be the first to communicate and get rejected.

So we're back to talking and he's out to sea now for 2 weeks and he emailed me out of the blue and I said "well hello stranger I thought you were going back out to sea until next month"

and he responded but one thing that stood out to me was that he said: " Oh I fell into stranger status! :( things aren't looking good. this makes me sad haha"


I don't know how to process that since there is a "haha" in it too.So is it a joke? OR do you think he's truly sad that I called him a stranger cause we barely talked for the three weeks

he knows i was upset because he apologized a lot for it.

I like him, I'm sure he knows. I think* he might like me too but we are both kind of shy


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  • You shouldn't be shy first of all... because if you don't stop being shy.. time will ruin everything and about his reply... he was sarcastically sad face.. so he was joking to be sad you told him stranger.

    and looks like you two have a long journey together so to make it happy tell him what you feel. and ask him about his feelings too.. and hey, All the best!

  • Don't over analyze the haha.


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