Is he playing with me? Should I react or just ignore his sms?

I have a LDR with this guy and he seems nice. He always sends nice sms. When he texts me I answer in about 15 min. Sometimes when I text him he answers right away but sometimes it takes him about 3 hours to answer. He says that he is busy or stuff. But... I am busy all the time also. I had a really stressful situation at work today and still answered him in 20 minutes. Is he playing with me? Should I react or just ignore his sms for the same time as he did? HELP!


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  • I doubt he is playing with you. I had the same thoughts with my Fiancee (we are LDR of 5000 miles). Its a question of trust, without that LDR's rarely survive. On rare occassions it takes my fiancee hours to reply, where as I reply instantly. Just different people handling things in different ways :-)

    • Thank u... I feel better now! :-) Well... What bothers me is that I told him that I don't like it and asked him to send me an sms when he knows he will be busy. And sometimes he does but not always. And then he sends me an sms like: "Love, I've been on work whole day. And now I'm going back home to check something in my house". I mean... Its sweet but sometimes I just think of myself as a fool whose letting someone to play her. You think that I shouldn't feel like that?

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    • Well... Sometimes I caught myself in a situation when I am overreacting over smt and I think that he IS guilty. And then when I do something simmilar and I ask myself... If HE did it Id be mad at him. But since its me I now that I'm not cheating so I think its OK. And in that way I think that ure right... Maybe he just has faith in me... :-)

    • Yeah I know that as well :-) she is fine when I am involved in something and I know I have never even thought of cheating, but it is difficult ! Imagine if we didn't have Skype or sms !

  • I think you should just realize that he may be busy.


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