How to deal with this gal?

Thre is a gal in my class. she is quiet innocent and only talk to other on matters related to studies.she even does not call any other mate for talk. How to talk to her and have a friendly conversation


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  • Just have a 'normal' conversation with her.

    By saying 'only talk to other on matters related to studies' this sounds like you're in class and she wants to concentrate so I wouldn't bother her in class as it would clearly irritate her. But when the bell rings perhaps spark up a conversation about your studies so that it's relevant and try to link it to something. For instance if you've just had English and you're talking about a book you can talk about the characters, what you think etc, ask her opinions etc and then move it on to a film or something like 'oh and that part in the book really reminds me of the new Batman film when...' etc 'have you watched it?'.

    I think you just have to go about it like she's been your friend for ages, just chat casually, smile and relax!


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  • She only talks about studies. There, you have it :)

    All you need to do is use that to your advantage.

    Go up to her and talk about studies.

    Maybe you can talk and have fun and even be friends

    Who knows until you try(:

  • Start with some of her interests, or things you know you have in common (like classes) and then move on to something a little more personal.

  • just say hi and introduce yourself


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