Wow am I getting played?

So met this guy on a dating site. He keeps trying to get me to come over to his house late and I tell him I don't feel comfortable. He told me when he comes back from vacation he will meet me in public. He has a good four days before he leaves. So in order to try to get him to meet I brought up a male friend that I ran into and that he might wanna pick up the pace. Later that night he was texting me when outta nowhere he told me he had to go since a girl on the same site decided she would like to come over. He told me that he would rather it was me and could cancel if I would but I declined. He then got mad that I seemed upset that he would even tell me that. He said he thought we were waiting until he got back from vacation since I won't go with him and he was trying to find someone to take. Am I getting played or was he getting me back? I also told him I knew he was just out to get laid and he said he was actually not going to sleep with the chick unless it was magical when they met he just was lonely.

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Wow where are the guys lol
Well ladies I told him I decided I was done when he told me that I was being unfair by only wanting to meet him in public and that its odd to want to go eat or get coffee with someone wtf.


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  • Yes, you're getting played.


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  • You tried to play him by bringing up the male friend and he saw your bluff and raised you with a chick of his own. It is funny that you don't seem upset that you tried to play a mind game on him but got upset when he did it back to you.

    • I just said he needed to pick up the pace before the other guy made a move. I didn't say I was having some stranger over for sex that was just kinda mean.

    • He was honest and saved you the trouble of figuring out what he was all about. I think you should be thankful for not wasting your time.

    • Well if you read my update you would see that I found out what he was all about. It was either sex or trying to kill me or possibly both not really sure which. I did however waste a couple of days talking with him and that was ridiculous.

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  • this guy is just horny .do not meet him in person ! he can be someone else (unless you've seen him on webcam)

    • Oh I actually know it's him we were in a college class like 7 years ago only he doesn't rememeber me.

  • He sounds creepy as hell. Lol I say, stay far away from this dude and don't ever meet him. Find someone less shady.

  • Damn, that sounds shady as f***. I say block him, avoid him, and thank your lucky stars you don't end up on late night news!

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    • So glad you decided to stay away from him! Some things just scream danger. Smart decision, smart girl ;)

    • Yeah its odd that he wanted to only meet me at wally world and that's it because going out for a normal first date is "weird" and he doesn't do that. I'm not stupid enough to go to a strange guys house for the first meeting and most of the time not the second. It's just stupid.

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