How do we work around this?

The guy I might date is always busy and so am I especially during school and we are trying to figure how to work around it cause school gets out at 2:35 and he has to go home and do homework and I have to go home for like 30 minutes and then I have to go to drivers ed and I don't get home till 6:00 sometimes 7:00 and at that time I have to do homework and study and he'll be at his dads and he usually has baseball practice which lasts 2 hours and his games are longer and on the weekends he is at his dads or I am with my dad and Sundays he usually sees his gramps. How can we work around this?
Another thing is we do see each other during lunch


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  • well, sounds like you two shouldn't date if your struggling with time and when to see each other. Be intimate, but don't date.


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  • If you can't have enough time for each other, maybe it's not meant to be.


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  • There isn't really a lot you can do? There is only a certain amount of hours per day and that won't change.

    I'd say it's probably best to remain friends until you guys finish school, it's not the most ideal thing and it's probably not something you want, but if you both care for one another than you should both want each other to do as well as you can in school.

    Trust me, getting a good education will make your life together infinitely less stressful/more enjoyable.


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