Does my boyfriend want to leave me?

He's been distant for some time. I asked him I'm not approachable to him and that's why he doesn't feel comfortable talking to me about stuff or maybe he just thinks I'm a bad girlfriend in general?

Him: you over think/analysis things, and you have an insane fear when you are beyond the wheel.. you get way to nervous. Beyond that there's not much wrong with you.

Me: then why have you been treating me so poorly?

Him: I've been treating everyone like crap, not just you.I doesn't care about very much anymore.

Me: you've been through a lot in a short while, its understand for life to get you a little depressed sometimes. Maybe should talk to someone.

Him: we will talk later in person. I'm tired and going to sleep soon and for the record I'm not depressed.

Why did he get so offended by my suggesting he's a little depressed these days. Everyone gets upset with life from time to time. doesn't mean there's something wrong with that. its human nature. Is he ready to break up with me? I feel like he doesn't want to be together anymore.


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  • Many people are scared of being labled as depressed, they see it as a weakness. Try using the term 'you seem down' it may make him less defensive. I can't say if he wants to break up with you, but if it is depression he won't know the answer to that himself. Good luck


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  • He doesn't want you to leave necessarily, he just doesn't care much.


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  • he's just in a bad mood hun. and everyone deals with things differently. especially men and women. something might have happened that has nothing to do with you and he just needs some time to figure it out. just give him some time and continue to be that good person you are. you obviously care about him and want him to do well and that's all you can really offer and tell him. I hope this helps.


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