Is this a good idea or bad?

met this guy online I'm 20 and very inexperienced. He's new in town and doesn't live in a legit apartment but rooming in a hotel. Should I met up with him first to establish a friendship and then do things with him. I'm not going to go all the way with him (sex) but I want to explore his body and his mine. I'm tired of waiting for the right guy, I blame a certain book is the blame for for my sudden need to experiment lol


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  • First off, please put down the Penthouse Letters and step away from the book. None if it is real. I repeat none of it is real.

    Second, do not under any circumstances expect that he will look 80% of what he emailed you will.

    Third, he is a transient. Meaning, he is living in a hotel. I would definitely want to meet him in a public place with cameras and even go as far as to having GOOD friends meet him.

    Fourth, I understand 'budding sexual experience and urges' but let me tell you, there are some REAL WEIRDOS out there.

    I would not go to his hotel room until I was comfortable with him and I would make sure that at least one person would know who and where I may have spent my last night.

    Do bring protection and I mean more then condoms (yes I know you do not plan on going all the way but hell my mom was not planning on getting pregnant...) pepper spray or a stun gun. Like you may have read, there are some weirdos out there, also some people that just don't give a $hit.

    Lommelun seems to think the same thing, the only thing that I do not agree with is the safe word, yeah set it up but if they do not care and want to hurt you, rape you, or worse - then that safe word won't make a difference.

    • ok so where can I make out with him, in a public place. Like not go to a hotel room.

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  • Just make sure you put down the house rules before you start getting excited. If you make it into a game with clear and unambiguous rules, then you should be fine.

    You ought to have a "Safe word", like they have in BDSM circuits. If either one of you utters the word at any time you both back off immediately and stop what you're doing.

    But it requires that you trust this guy more than I would trust someone I have only met on the net. So spend some time before you start experimenting getting to know each other in a normal way. And if what you see doesn't agree with you, then walk away.

  • So you essentially want to become his sex doll. Great idea.

    • he's pretty hot. Are you being sarcastic lol

    • Of course. This is honestly just asking to get raped or something.

  • Bad idea.

    Feel free to take your chances.

  • I think it's a bad idea.


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  • "doesn't live in a legit apartment" all sounds a bit dodgy if you ask me. I think you should try meeting men in actual every day life.

  • Okay, firstly you need to be careful, you've only met this guy online...and honestly you sound a bit naive.

    If you go to meet him, go with a friend first (or more than one friend) to make sure he is actually who he says he is, there are a lot of psychos out there.

    Make sure at least one person knows where you are just in case, preferably more than one.

    Have a friend call you on your phone at a certain time (say 9PM) and tell them if you don't answer it than to call the police or something.

    If you have any worries or your gut feeling is telling you to leave, then leave, don't stay there because you think you have too.

    You still have the right to say no at any time, this includes if you actually started having foreplay/sex and you decide you want to stop, you have that right.

    Make sure he uses a condom, if you're going to have sex.

    Most important thing is to be safe, you only know this guy through the internet, you've no idea who he could really be.

  • Do not meet him at the hotel in his room. That's rule #1 for online them in a public place. Also, if you want to be sexual with him on the first meeting be aware of the signs you are giving off to him, cause it may just end up being a friends with benefits/booty call sort of thing. Or who knows..the situation may end badly (rape). If I were you...however..I wouldn't be sexual with him so fast. I don't know how long you've been talking to him or how long you've known him but you should keep it easy in the that you're sure of who he is and know he is not a creeper. Basically, don't throw yourself at him.. safety first and you want his respect don't you?


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