Things are perfect with my boyfriend and I'm afraid I'll screw them up?

It's almost 10 months together now. I got into a huge fight with my mom yesterday and he called me. I was devastated, crying on the phone to him for half and hour, and we agreed to see each other a few hours later. He made a reservation at a restaurant, paid for a bottle of sake, listened to me talking about my family problems (his family is perfect) and tried to comfort me. We spooned on the couch, he kissed my neck and caressed me softly. He gave me a ride late at night even though he was tired and I could take a bus, he put my hand underneath his while he was driving manual, to teach me, we kissed a lot, we said "I love you" and he told me when he would call me later.

It all sounds perfect because it was, to me, and now I'm afraid that I'm doing too much, that I fell too hard for him and that I'll end up doing something wrong like nag him too much, which might screw everything up. How do I let go of my insecurity? I'm told that I'm always at my bf's feet, so I'm trying to do just enough and not too much.


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  • You need to relax, if you think you'll screw up, you will. But actually, everyone screws up, you've just got to be able to handle it the right way. No one is perfect!


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