When should I call a girl after we decide to do something?

How long is a good time to wait to call a girl so we can go out to dinner together? She said text me next week now its next week and her birthday is tomorrow.

This is our first date I will being seeing her so are flowers okay?
Or is it too much?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Flowers are way too much man! You don't want her to think you are going to spoil her. Besides what if you are out with her and she isn't your type? Call her for her birthday and say you'd like to take her out for her birthday. This is more of a gift as you are taking her out for her birthday. This can also show you how she is and is less of an actual "romance" date and more of a casual date.


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  • How about "Happy birthday! When do you want your gift?" :D


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  • Well, she'll be probably busy during her birthday.

    Send her a "happy birthday" text, asking if she wants to go out with you the other day.

    And then you give her a gift, something like a pretty card or some flowers.



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