Never had my first kiss, help!?

I've never had my first kiss yet and I'm 21. Please tell me on things I can do to get more experience. I never get approached so help. Even tried online dating and for hookups but I'm scared to go.


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  • Don't rush for it. Even if you wait longer than you thought, it'll be worth it if you have it with someone you really care for.


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  • So what I'm 22 and never had a date or any relationship with a girl yet. I know someonen who is 24 and he's never had a girlfriend either. I know someone who is 44 and says he's never dated anyone (or was it just never married?). I contemplated online dating for a while but I just didn't feel comfortable meeting people in such a systematized way. My best advice I think is just to be more active about it. And you're not too alone I think


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  • Don't do online hook-up. Sex is one thing, once you've got SOMETHING under your belt, but not having ever even been kissed...You aughta try that with a guy you at least like a little bit. And it's been this long, why not wait a bit more till you have a guy that you're comfortable with, that'll give you that warm, fuzzy feeling that should accompany a first kiss. Not some random guy who'll probably want to take it straight to bed without paying attention to the fact that you're inexperienced. Unless you're advertising on those sites that you need introductions to ALL your firsts, be prepared that those guys will be looking for something else, most likely.

    • I know I would love that warm fuzzy feeling. But guys I end up liking are wayyy more experienced (I find out their experienced from friends and stuff after I start liking them). They would totally freak out if I told them I never had my first kiss. Bc apparently guys will know that I've never kissed if they tried to kiss me, so I'm super scared and embarassed about that.

    • It's not that you have to TELL them (I definitely did NOT.) That's the fun part- you are supposed to be a tad nervous and honestly I can understand not wanting to know a person due to possibility of embarrassment and then never needing to see them again. haha. Doesn't matter if they have experience or not- you like them, you let it happen. AND if they've got the experience, chances are they'll catch on, take over the kiss, the make out, whatever it is you're heading toward and it'll be fine.

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