What is happening with these girls?

I see them often they both are friends when I get around they get together and look at me and smile, as one walked away the other smiled, giggled, waved at me.She looked me up and down one time. I went and introduced myself to her and she touched my arm while talking, later she came up and complimented me on my shirt. She would smile and wave when she seen me. I saw her talking to a guy for a long period of time one time . I assumed that was her boyfriend. Her friend started talking to me every chance she got, and would walk past me smiling at me. she seemed interested but never would hangout with me. She ended up and moved. The girl I introduced myself to randomly came up to me after her friend moved and told me she told her that she told me she was going to move. I don't know why. Did one of these girls like me?


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  • possibly yes... or not. They could just be flirting for no particular reason.


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