Should I ask him to hang out over the internet?

I'm a bit of a shy proud girl who always prefers to be asked then to ask. I like this guy who I have met only once and we chat from time to time. Do you think I should go ask him to hang out sometime? I'm OK with going all crazy and do whatever my heart tells me to do but my pride keeps me all the time.


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  • Well considering many people ask over text, online would be fine.


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  • Well, yeah, you'll just hang out and all.

    From there you can make it become a relationship, if you want.

    You can't really say you know someone just by talking on the internet, so give it a shot =)

    If you're too proud for that, show him that you're interested in knowing him better, hanging out and such. =)

    Hope this helps!

    • Quite helpful, thank you :)

      Thing is he's pretty shy although he used to talk a lot in the past and I sort of accidently ignored him. Now I'm trying to get his attention back, he's super nice and still looks interested but always seems intimidated and would never initiate . Tips?

    • It isn't a good combination, a shy guy and a proud girl. Haha =D

      Kidding; =)

      If he's shy, and looks interested, try to make the first move. There isn't no shame on that, and who knows, it can be the most awesome relationship in your life. =)

  • yeah go for it!


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