The girl I loved called me did I do the right thing ?

After five months of working full time jobs, partying and loving my life I got this phone call from Tunisia. Basically to be brief, we loved each other in high school ( five years ago ), became friends with benefits and then argued and hated each other. We did this to each other repeatedly for several years. every time one of us got a boy or girlfriend the other would insult or ignore..

Anyway, it turned out she'd always loved me but because she is Muslim and has high expectations of herself and I was always doing / selling drugs, getting arrested, failing my education, drinking and most importantly being promiscuous she couldn't go out with me seriously. And she was quite right to take that approach.

Anyway I've changed. I'm currently about to pursue my dream course : An MBA and move from France to England. I've been working in a prestigious, high quality restaurant for the last two months and have been clean for almost two years.

I grew up. Anyway she called me from Tunisia and I ignored the first two calls ( they were several days apart ) but answered the third and we talked about our lives. I told her I was leaving in a month to pursue an MBA and that I was working in this restaurant and she told me she was in Tunisia with her friends ( she is a tunisian Muslim by the way ) .

We joked with each other, I made her giggle a lot and then I told her I had to go but if she wanted to talk she'd have to unblock me from FB because the phone calls are way tooo expensive ( I didn't tell her the expensive part ). She said maybe. And now here I am.

Nine hours later, she hasn't unblocked me and I'm starting to regret the whole thing. I'm still happy with myself but I'm thinking about her again and I'll do ANYTHING to STAY OUT of that cesspit of depression I was in for so long.

Did I do the right thing ? And what do I do if she calls again ?

PS. I'm no nice guy or fool so save the "tell her you love her" nonsense and be serious please.


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  • No, you did the right thing. You're pretty much saying you want to open all doors of communication and give you two speaking a shot.

    Perhaps the reason why she didn't unblock you is because she is doubtful of exactly how far she wants this to go. Give it a bit more time, and see if she does take you off of her block list.

    Don't jump to conclusions right away.

    If she calls again, just tell her what you said the first time, this time add the calls are very expensive (maybe she will be more understanding).


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