Ex players/ladies men/womanziers have you ever fell in love or liked someone?

What happened? did karma bite you back from your past? what triggered you to fall or like this person story time!
if a girl plays hard to get or ignores you does that make you "chase" and want her more even tho you talk and sleep with multiple women? tell me what I can do to make a player fall for me and give up other women


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  • Well lets see... I used to believe that relationships served no purpose what so ever(after I got my heart broken and wanted to avoid getting my heart broken again) so I avoided relationships completely for a few years, I still wanted sex but I never lied or manipulated girls for it and there's always been a sense of mutual respect with pretty much anyone I slept with.

    Either way, there was a girl I met through a mutual friend about 2 years ago, she lived in another country but we met up as she was visiting him and I was hanging out with him aswell... we hit it off and ended up spending about 2 weeks together while she was around, my friend was slightly annoyed because she was visiting him initially but hey.. he understood as we did seem like we where a good match.

    After she went home, we stayed in touch and ended up in a long distance relationship, it went on for about a year... I loved it... the distance was hard but every month we'd go see each other, either she'd come to me or I'd go to her... it was great... I loved the girl and I loved the feeling of saying she was my girlfriend... it felt right and honestly I just loved that I had someone to share my life with in another way then as a friend.

    Anyway on our one year anniversary I took a surprise trip there, not letting her know I was going to be there, I found out she had been cheating on me with some other guy she worked with, I was mad, pissed off but most of all.. I was sad and felt so betrayed.

    I could've gone back to my old routine but I actually liked being in a relationship because I felt great during the relationship, like I was part of something special.

    At this point, I just have some fun and keep it casual but if I meet someone I want to date again, I'll just let it happen and hope it turns out better this time =)

    • Regarding your update, its simple. He has to want to take the "risk of dating you" because he believes its worth it... which is different for everyone... for me.. it was the idea that I found my soul mate despite not even believing in any such thing.

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  • Yes, I'd say that once the maturity level goes up, they settle down.


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  • The play hard to get thing may work, but you really have to be something special. If he continues to pursue you then you may have a chance. Font give none of your goodies up tho til he stops his player ways.


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