How long would it take to recover from this?

how long would it take you to recover if your best friend started dating the girl/boy you loved. would you still be best friends afterwards?

this is assuming your best friend is in love with her too and treats him/her right.

how upset would you be, how long would it take to recover from this and how do you recover from this if it ever happened?


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  • Personally, I think it kinda depends on if tht friend knew that you were in love with the person. a good friend usually doesn't go for the person there friend does out of respect. But be careful on that though sometimes what you think can be love isn't but when you are you just know. it's definitely an world altering kinda deal trust me on tht one. If the friend didn't know and they both love each other and treat each other right, then the fact that they are both happy should make you happy as well. when you love someone you feel like you would do anything for them as long as they are happy. I'm not saying this will b easy on your part and of course it would hurt pretty bad you wouldn't b human if it didn't. but real life is hard sometimes and you just have to play with the cards uve been dealt. but remember something if ure the one meant to end up with this person you will be, the world has a funny and slightly messed up way of getting you there but it will if its meant to be, and if not it just means there is someone out there thts so much better for.


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  • C'mon..what you're basically referring to is your period of "mourning" and everyone's is different..o.O

  • I'd get over it really quick.


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