I feel like he's sending me signals?

Long story short.. Ex and I broke up about a month ago after a 2yr relationship because he needed "space". I'm not gonna lie it really hurt me but I acted mature and I told him I'd accept his space. This has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to face. Everyday I fight with my self so I won't look for him in any way.

Anyways last Friday I gave in and I texted him, he replied right away.. it was like if he had been waiting for me to text him or something. He ended up telling me he didn't want to see me for a while because he's scared to hurt me. I had nothing more to say so I just stopped texting him back.

We have our phone contract together and the bill was due this past Saturday and it's his turn to pay the bill. He texted me asking me if I could pay the bill and he'd come bring me the money after work on Sunday to pay me back. I said okay. Then he just asked how I was doing but as hard as it was for me I tried to keep the conversation short. Sunday came around and he texted me in the morning regarding the bill. And then he called me when he got off work, said he was too tired and that he'd stop by Monday. I said OK. But it's like the way he talked to me it felt like he wanted to keep the conversation going but was afraid to do so? So we hung up (honestly I felt like we still have that connection and I'm scared) Monday came around and I didn't hear from him at all, I didn't contact him either.

I'm gonna let him come around.

But honestly I feel like he's using this whole bill thing to talk to me. The thing is that we both live each other to death but we both have a little pride. I'm dying to get back with him .. But I've been just kind of going with the flow.

We broke up a few times before and I was the one to always look for him.. And for once I didn't look for him. And I think he didn't come to bring me the money because he wants me to look for him.. I think this is all an excuse.

What should I do? Should I keep doing as I am? Or should I try to talk with him to see what's going on?

P.s I'm not looking to move on. I have faith that were going to get back together. It's just that one of us has to give in and this time I'd like for it to be him.


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  • Giving up your pride is the most sensible thing you should do. just ask him if he thinks that you two should get back together? the least you could get is a no. which I think won't happen! so just do it, ask him because if you get too late, you may lose him, and regret your pride! All the best!


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  • My advice to you, just wait.

    This guy sounds like he really still likes you.

    He will come after you soon enough.

    Boys are predictable like that. :D

    But also, be careful.

    It sounds to me like maybe he is trying t pull away from you because he may have done something that will hurt you if you found out, or he wants to do something and now that he is "free" from you, he can do it.

    I may be wrong, of course. But just be careful.

    Good luck. :))

    • Thanks :) and well the reason for the break was because I caught him texting another girl and I told him he really hurt me by doing that. In tears He admitted his mistake and he said he really wants to be with me but that he would appreciate if I'd give him some space.

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