What does it tell? what should I do?

its being 6 months that I told a girl that I like her...she then told me that we could be good friends...i used to hesitate to talk to her .i have talk to her only 2-3 times,she was nice to me...but she never talks to me ...we are class mates from past 2 years...but I want to talk to her ,want to spend some time with her...what should I do?i thought I will forget her ...but not..today when I saw her after 2 months don't know what happens inside,i was something which I can't write...please help me by commenting what should I do?


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  • This is not the answer you want to hear, it's the truthful answer: you should forget about her. And the only real way to do that is focus on other things and other girls.

    If you told her 6 months ago, she told you could be friends, but then never reached out to you it's a big red flag. Could be she's just shy or doesn't know you all that much, so I do think that before focusing yourself on other things (or girls) you might try one last time to get closer to her.

    Ask her to go out and drink a coffee or something like that, just to talk, not as date, but as a get-to-know opportunity, since she told you you could be friends.

    If she says no even only to that, move on.

    If she says yes, but doesn't seem to react weel during the coffee or after she will go back to the same behavior , move on.

    If she says yes, and gets closer to you after, start flirting and see her reaction. If she flirts back, braise the level bit by bit. If she doesn't, move on (you don't want to be only her friend).

    Good luck*

    • thanks...actually I don't know I have noticed her many times moving around me...looking at me...i don't know whether its real or just by chance ...but I relly afraid to talk to her...

    • so..stop guessing and talk to her. I know it's hard and it's risky. But hearing a no is better than not knowing for sure what could happen and be stuck with tht thought of her :) And if it works well...think about it.

      There's no easy way to deal with this unless you take some action or back off.

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