Would you think about someone you used to love even if you felt he or her was "beneath" you?

Just wondering, if someone was beneath you, would you think about them even you guys don't talk to each other anymore?


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  • I guess it depends on why you felt they were "beneath" you. If it was a matter of appearence, then yes I would still think about them because if I broke up with them or ended it or whatever for that, then I would feel like a shallow person and feel horrible about treating them badly because I thought I was more attractive. However if it was because of something else like a drug/alcohal addiction or something else of that nature then no. I would try to not think about them because that is a real reason to end a relationship with someone and you have to try and remember why you ended it in the first place and remind yourself that they probably haven't changed. It's not good to hang around people who make you into a worse person.


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