He said he doesn't want me anymore but yesterday he kissed me?

people who read this question of mine..

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we fighted about that and then after a few days I saw him (yesterday)

and he kissed me a lot and hugged me.

and I'm freaking confused , I mean , dude? do you want me or not? so , then when I went home with my girl friends, one of them asked " why aren't you two together?" and I said "well I don't know , ask him" and then that's what she did she really asked him. and he told her " I don't want her anymore , because she kissed another guy " and well it made me sad, but then I told her , but he kissed more girls then me , I mean I kissed only one guy, he kissed a few and I didn't tell him anything..

and I still want him, so bad, I really do, I've never felt this way, god.

why did I fall in love with the wrong guy?

and now that I'm all depressed about this, he probably doesn't even care, what should I do? still try to get him back? and how?

or should I just leave him ?


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  • Be patient and wait till he needs you back and he will... you are a beautiful girl, not a candy so whenever he wants he can chew and go. if he doesn't come back himself... seriously this isn't the guy for you!

  • I think you should give him a shot.


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