Having a crush on a guy when already in a relationship?

I have been dating this guy for 6 years on off. When I am with him I feel like he gets me and he is pretty much my best friend. But...I started having a crush on this guy about 5 months ago. He goes to the same college as me, but I haven't seen him over the summer at all. He lives in a different state. I did text him once over the summer and he responded and kept the convo up for 2 hours, but I don't know if he is interested. I thought for sure that this crush would be over by the end of the summer since I haven't seen him, but it makes me miss him more! I really do love my boyfriend but this crush makes me question my feelings for him. Should I text the guy again or would this be a bad idea? And if this has ever happened to anyone else what did you do?


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  • It's relatively understandable that you've developed feelings for someone else, especially if the relationships been on and off for a few years; that being said, you need to be honest with your boyfriend about your feelings; it's not fair to either of you to keep it in the dark. You stated that with no contact with the other man, you missed him more..what do you think would happen if you started conversing with him again?

    • I would probably still have feelings for him. But if he didn't show interest in me after all this time I would probably try to forget about him. I know I am going to have most of the same classes as him next semester, which starts next week. When he gets back in town I'll probably see him at the gym about twice a week too.

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  • Crushing on somebody else while you are in a relationship is a test of your faith and loyalty. Pass or Fail.

    For me, whatever happens happens.

  • If you have a crush while in a relationship, then either forget about it or break up.


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