I don't understand the message he is sending ....

So I see this guy everyday on the train and I think he looks cute. He just looks at me sometimes (doesn't really smile) - just looks but does not ever start a conservation or smile and say hi

he doesn't seem freaky and I kind of like him but I don't know what I should do about it (oh and I am changing work timings so I won't be seeing him as much anymore - just once a week)

What should I do?

I did start talking to him once about the train timings or something but he was with his friends and that was the end of that ...


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  • no you just have to wait him to talk to you cause guys don't really like girls who are interested in them and who talks first just wait until he talks to you he will talk if he really likes you .

  • What should you do? Talk to him.


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