What did I do wrong???

So I used to talk to this guy and we talked for 2 months and hung out almost every day and he told me I was beautiful, cute, gorgeous, and all that. we acted like we were dating like we kissed and all that. so I considered him a boyfriend cause we acted like we were boyfriend and girlfriend but we never were. then one day my friend went behind my back and asked him to chill. so he asked me about it then told her off.. so then like 2 weeks ago he did the same went behind my back and was telling her he was sorry for being mean to her and asked her to hang out... and because of the way we acted toward each other it really hurt me that he would do something like that and I never new why he did that then sometime this week he ended up having a girl friends but its not my friends... I guess that's why he did that cause he new it would make me mad but I never told him that he really hurt me for what he did and I'm still kinda hurt by it.. since I'm still trying to get over him I have completely stopped talking to him cause it would make it worse for me if I still talked to him cause he hurt me so bad... I just don't know what I did to get treated like this... I mean I know I did not do anything I always get treated like shit from guys and I have never figured out why... it just really sucks :(. cause I know I'm not a ugly person so I don't get it at all.

idk it is just so confusing to me because we spent all that time together and he spent so much money on me and all that so I just don't know. its hard for me to trust guys and he just made it harder for me. I know there is a guy out there for me but i
just wonder if I am ever going to find him and now my ex has kinda popped back up but he has a new girlfriend now and the friend I used to like I'm starting to like him again I just have so many mixed feelings I just have no idea what to do it sucks
oh and he told me that we were friends but we didn't act like it so supposedly even thought were friends I have stopped talking to him completely... I think he did what he did to get rid of me and it really hurt the way he did it I don't know why he didn't
just tell me to my face that would have been better than doing it the way he did it ughhh idk.. at least I have a few friends that are/helped me get through this


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  • It sounds mean to say but you were just keeping him company, a booty call without the booty. People don't want to be alone but also don't want the responsibility caring for someone else. It's not independence, it's selfishness. He is/was using you for company. The dude needs to grow up, but that may never happen thanks to society telling us that it's ok to disconnect our physical needs from our emotional needs. You shouldn't put up with it, because you did what you could. There's always someone better for you even though you may not think so right now. hang out with other friends and try to be happy. Stupid videos work well for this.

    • Im not putting up with it cause I don't talk to him anymore cause for me that's the best thing to do... thanks for ur help and telling me what you thought...

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  • Being an ugly person doesn't mean guys won't treat you like shit. It's because you had him in that state of indecision. I'm assuming you never brought up the relationship question, so you weren't technically in a relationship. That means he's free to date whomever he wants. I mean, it still sucks he did that to you, but you have to communicate these things.

    • I did bring up the relationshio thing and he said that we were just friends but he still treated me like he liked me more than a friend I don't know he was just an ass hole