We've been dating for almost two months, but he still hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend.

What's up with that? Is it too soon to be in a official relationship? I'm afraid he's going to distance himself because that's what I've been accustomed to happening in all of my past potential relationships. Any and all advice is appreciated! Thanks.


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  • he's maybe/probably waiting for you to ask him that.

    i always wait for her, I never ask.

    • I sort of brought it up the other day but he changed the topic

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    • no he's not, and I'm not seeing other guys so..I'm not sure if that means we're sort of official?

    • how many hours a week you two spend together? been at his place? etc...

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  • If you're having sex with him, there's no reason to ask, he's getting it from you and other women, why ruin it and be committed to one woman?

  • If he still hasn't asked you, he may be taking things slow.

  • some guys just don't do that...ive never asked a girl to be my girlfriend...

    • was it just a sort of unspoken understanding? If you've discussed that neither of you are seeing other people is that sort of the same thing?

    • ive had girls ask me if I consider her my girl, sometimes its just unspoken, and sometimes ill introduce her to someone as my girl (if I know she's cool with it). but also I think a lot of times girls have to ask about those things cause for the most part, I don't think guys care very much about that title

    • Maybe it's because I'm European but I've never asked it either.

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  • He probably just assumes you're his girlfriend, if your relationship is serious that is.

    If it reallyyy bothers you, you might want to ask him about it, or at least about exclusivity, or try make some allusions ...

    Honestly though, I don't really see a 25+yrs old guy asking "will you be my girlfriend?" (But I'm French so maybe it has to do with that)


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