How do I go about this? Girls, help!

I just moved into an apartment complex of over 90 apartments. Its a big community, but everybody keeps to themselves. I'm single and just moved in, so I don't know anybody. In fact, I'm in a new town so I know absolutely nobody.

Anyway, there's a girl who I often see walking her dog. I've never seen her with a guy and I'm not sure where she lives (its a big complex). I kinda wanna meet her, I just don't know how. I don't have a dog, so that play is out lol. It just feels awkward walking up to her and saying hello. I know, I'm kinda shy.

I guess my question is what should I do? Is it safe to assume she's single? How can I start a convo with her?


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  • It is never safe to assume she is single...

    Do you like dogs?

    • em

    • So just be outside when she is walking by with her dog.. ask her if you can pet it.. ask its name.. type... tell her you just moved from wherever you're from..

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  • Next time you see her with her dog, go and talk to her how cute her dog is. Ask if you can pet it, then start the convo. Move slow though... Good luck

  • Say hey you I like your dog can I pet him / her then just start talking about random thing then say wanna come over 4 a coffee sometime ? Here's my unit number then the ball is in her court

  • you don't have to have a dog to go pet her dog?

    • Oh really? I thought I had to be a member of the dog owners club to have that privilege lol

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  • What you do is walk up to her, say "what a cute dog! Can I pet him?". She will give you an enthusiastic "Yes!". Then you say something like "this reminds me of the time my friends dog did this back in whatever city you came from" and she is like "oh you're new here!". And you're like "yeah just moved, would you be willing to show me around sometime?", and bam you have a friend, and maybe a girlfriend later.

    • Real smooth. You have the conversation all figured out in your head. :D

      What about if she just says: "Oh sh*t I'm late bye."

      Not awkward at all...

    • Smooth indeed fall 4 that move a lot lol