Should I ask my boyfriend about a trip?

My boyfriend told me months ago about a trip that he was gonna take which was to Chicago to visit his family. Coincidentally its the same month as my birthday and he said he would be gone for 2 weeks but back in time for my birthday (I don't think so). He hasn't mentioned it since and that family along with him have a reputation for constantly saying that but never going through with it. His parents like me A LOT so I doubt they would go through with it especially since its the month of my birthday. Part of me still worries cause I don't know if he really would do that. It also worries me because if he does end up doing it AND misses my birthday or can't go through with the plans OR misses my birthday because of it I'm going to have to dump him and I don't want to do that. We've been together a year and 6 months and friends looonger than that so I don't wanna do it. I'm just filled with doubt and worry and I want to know. Should I confront him? (in a good way) Should I leave it be? (since they have that reputation)

What happened to the time when boyfriends were actually boyfriends? When they didn't treat you like dirt? All girls must have a really low self esteem if they are willing to stay with a guy who doesn't even celebrate your birthday with u. I'm sorry but this is the truth. Part of your birthday is having someone special to share it with like your boyfriend. SO whoever says I need to grow up no You need to grow up! Cause I still believe in real boyfriends not the fake ones in this society.
This website is supposed to help people and all you do is insult random people who don't share your thoughts I hope your proud of urselves!


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  • Should you ask him about it? Yes you should.


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  • If he misses your birthday you're gonna have to dump him? What? I would make sure he confirmed his trip plans so ask him.

    • My mom is not gonna be happy with him missing my birthday or birthday plans. She's most likely not gonna want him in the house anymore.

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  • Woah woah woah so just because he misses your birthday your mom is gonna hate him? And you have to dump him? My boyfriend missed my birthday and came back from a trip 19 days after it. Didn't even say happy birthday or even given me a gift.Sure I'm sad about it but that doesn't mean I'm going to dump him.

    • Then I'm sorry but he's not a good boyfriend and you don't deserve him. What kind of boyfriend does that? I'm sorry but wow and yes I will have to I mean come on that's horrible I would like my boyfriend to be here for my birthday to celebrate it with me. That's part of what would make my birthday a happy one

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