Girl says her friend is into me, how reliable is the info?

This past fourth of July I went to a barbecue and had a chance meeting with a girl. Now we got along great and clearly it is a friendly thing which is cool. She had a friend with her which I thought was cute but didn't really talk to that night. Guys were hitting on her left and right and the brief talking we did went well but she played it pretty cool. In a text convo over the following days I let it slip that her friend wasn't bad looking.

Maybe 3 weeks later my new friend invited me to a party and I went. Like 30 minutes after I got there the same "cute friend" shows up and comes right over to me. We talk much more. I move around here and there to talk to other people, get drinks, go to the bathroom. Every single time I get back some dude is hitting on her(she is fricken BEAUTIFUL if you haven't guessed by now). She breaks every convo and comes back to me.

I don't want to come on too strong and want to see where this girl's head is at so I play it pretty cool. Signs are good, she holds good eye contact. Primps constantly. When I am talking to other people(women especially) stares from across the room and runs her hand through her hair, etc.

I had to bail because I had work the next morning but she wasn't around as I was leaving so I didn't get that #. The friend who invited me(apparently her best friend) and I say our goodbyes and she goes on and on about her friend and I. She ends with a "She REALLY REALLY likes you" and how we are gonna hang soon. A guy I met at the party saw the whole thing and randomly texts me one day to ask about that "girl I was talking to" and if we ever hooked up. When I said no he flipped out and told me to hurry up and seal the deal.

I've been pretty busy since but thankfully we're hanging out next week. My friend still gives me the thumbs up. I know I gotta' make my move this time. Assuming not much has changed since the party, what are my chances?


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  • Extremely reliable and I'd say she's really into you so like 90% chance of things working.


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  • i would say this information is very reliable. it's almost as reliable as hearing it straight from the horses mouth. good luck.

  • If her friend told you it is true. That's the oldest trick in the books that friends do for each other.


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