Why is it always the most undesireable women that say "I need a real man?"

Why is it always the most undesirable women that say "I need a real man?"


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  • actually I know a girl like this

    shes not attractive, in the least bit, but she says she needs a real man

    see she was raped 4 years ago, and I was the guy she kinda fell back onto, I'm a nice guy, and she thinks I'm a "real man" she has done everything she can from being open to sex for me, to changing her image just to get me to like her, I really dont, we just don't click, we have different life paths, and stuff like that...

    i think the reason she says it, is because to her she feels "secure" with a real man, even though she's undesirable to me at least, I dk about a lot of other guys...

    i can't really turn her down, but I can't tell her I hate her either, because then that just makes me look like a bad guy, ya know? and I don't want to present that... if you have encountered this, just do the best you can to not lead her on, that's the last thing you want to do, and if it gets to a point where you can't take it anymore, just ignore her, she'll finally just give up

    • Being the friend of a girl that was raped is very delicate: she will be more easily hurt so pay attention and be gentle. You can be a boon to her, without dating. Don't pay too much attention to the "real man" talk (she might just be flattering you), or make her talk about her ideal.

      IF she proposes sex be careful about accepting and be careful in your words when turning her down. I'd think cuddling would be more indicated than full sex.

    • You don't have to date a woman just to raise her self esteem. If you don't like her then turn her down because you don't need to make yourself go through a bad relationship just to make her feel good while you get miserable.

    • Very true, thanks

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  • Because it's jerks like you who think if she is less attractive she doesn't deserve something as good as a super model, so she gets ass hole guys chasing her, dates one and gets hurt over and over again. So yeah, she needs a real man because she hasn't found one yet. Just like any other girl. It doesn't matter if she is 40, a super model chick with the best personality, or a 40 year old who is over weight and kind of naggy, she still needs a real man.

    No wonder you posted the question anonymously!

    • If a "real man" means a man that is desirable than why should a woman who doesn't take care of herself or has personality flaws such as being naggy feel entitled to be with one?

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    • An overweight 40 year old grump is not desirable to most men, especially if that man can have his choice of women. You can gripe all you want but if a man has all the qualities that most women are after then he can afford to be more picky than other guys, just like desirable women can have their choice of most men.

      BTW you need to stop being so defensive and then offensive, you keep getting excited and then throw in an insult instead of just presenting your side of the argument.

    • Because you're being rude. You're saying just because a girl is undesirable to you she doesn't deserve a real man. You obviously don't understand the meaning of "real man." That may be what you think a real man is but it's not what a woman thinks a real man is. Just because a man has a good career and his life together, well groomed, etc. does NOT make him a real man. I know a lot of guys like that, and to me they are not real men. You misunderstood what an "undesirable" girl meant.

  • ANY woman can say "I need a real man." How can you say she's undesirable? She's gotta be desirable for the men to date her in the first place. It's just that the men aren't living up to HER expectations.

    I, myself, have never said this because my boyfriend now and previous exes were not jerk-idiot bfs. However, if a woman has said this to you, take it as a learning experience and man up.

    • No woman has ever said that to me

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  • I disagree with the assumption of your question.

  • actually, at one point or another, I think I have heard just about every type of woman utter that phrase at one point or another.

    its kind of akin to a guy saying "where are all the hotties at". I am sure if you uttered that phrase around a bunch of women and they heard you thier feelings would be the same as those you were feeling when you wrote this question

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