Should I text him first?

Background (as short as I can make it): we met 2 months ago, we always talk and laugh and are super comfortable around each other. Night before I left for vacation he invited me over to his house, we just hung out alone, watched tv, and hugged goodnight. When I got to my destination, I messaged him saying I got there OK trying to spark convo. he replied very quickly, but just with some basic info, did not sound too enthusiastic but also not rude or anything. We haven't talked since.

I am coming back home from vacation tomorrow night, after being away for about 11 days. When I get home, should I text him first saying something like "Guess who's back? :)" or whatever to let him know I'm back? Or should I wait for him to text me and ask me if I am back and got home ok? (he knows when I am coming back). He also knows I will be back at work Thursday morning, and we work together. Should I just not text until then and see if he says anything at work or comes to say hi? I want him to know I am interested in him, but I don't want to overkill it... Advice please!


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  • well , I think you can text him saying "guess who's back" and I think he is into you but don't get your hopes so high


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