I think the boy I like likes my best friend! please answer asap!

So I really honestly like this guy and I wanted to make a subtle move but she wanted him to really notice me. so when she keeps randomly saying "HI!" It looks like SHE'S the one that likes him but knowing her, she wouldn't go out with him or anything but people keep calling her *****'s girlfriend and I really kind of wish that was me cause he might start liking her back... I don't know what to tell her because she's my best friend a real best friend not one of those lame middle school "best friends" who go behind peoples backs. She's honest and loyal and very trustworthy I know that no matter what she'll always be by my side as I would with her, she's too pure.but he might like her and that's what I'm worried about I feel a bit heartbroken because I think I actually love him I know that part sounds ridiculous but its true and I'm dying inside.


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  • well, I can't really tell if he is interested in her or not.

    but before he does take interest in her, let him notice you. maybe you should start saying hi to him too. try to be friends with him. hang out with him and talk to him, but don't act clingy.

    he can't take interest in you if he doesn't know who you are. I think you need to make a move and let him get to know you before he falls for someone else. :D


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  • Maybe you should like woman up and start saying hi because how is he gonna know that it's really you that like him...think about if he was saying hi to you all the time but it was really his friend that was quite af, would you think he like you or the quiet friend walking beside him. totally think about


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  • It's really hard to tell without more information who he would like, but maybe he just needs to notice you?

    I know it's hard, but try being the one who says hi next time. Make him notice how wonderful and special you are :)


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