How do I know if a girl is truly wanting a relationship?

I met a girl that has been in the Navy for 6 years and I served in the Marines for 2 years. We started talking a little over 2 months ago and she said that she wanted to take things slow because she is 5 months out of a relationship. We agreed on going at a right calm and steady pace because we both want all the cards to fall into the right order but lately it feels as if she is giving me the cold shoulder when we talk and hang out yet she says that she still wants a relationship. A few days ago she told me that she wasn't sure what she wanted anymore because she talked to her mother and when her mom brought up her past relationship it started to make her over think and she is now pushing me away it feels. Part of me is saying let it be that its not worth the heartache if it gets serious and the other part is telling me to stick it out even to I'm getting the feeling its not going to work. I'm at a lose does anyone have a idea or a similar situation that can shed some insight into this?


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  • if a woman is interested she always ready. especially 5 months after her last boyfriend.

    forget about her and move on.