Does she still want me?

Broke up with my ex girlfriend two months ago, we secretly started casually seeing each other going out for dinner, having sex.

But we stopped recently and she decided to be friends in case one of us gets hurt. This was two days ago.

We have became gym buddies.

Then last night after the gym I went back to hers she cooked me dinner.

I had a little nap at hers as I was starting night shift in a few hours.

She came to bed we cuddled for a bit and then started kissing and cuddling until I left for work.

She then text saying making sure I got to work OK as she gets worried. Then in one of the text she referred to me as gym buddy.

Does she still want me?

I'm confused as it was her idea to stop getting sexual and be just friends..its only lasted two days until we started kissing again.


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  • Hard to say if she wants to date again. You'd have to ask her directly. I do know this...when people stop seeing each other it can be hard to stop so suddenly. They're used to cuddling, kissing, it becomes a natural habit. It doesn't always mean they have feelings but even if they do they may not want to date seriously again because of fear of it not working out.


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