Guys what are the things you wish a girl would do?

As far as the little things go? What would you like a little more of? What would you like her to say or do for you that would make you feel nice? Things that wouldn't make you think she's being clingy or over the top...just normal everyday things that would be great for a girl to do for you?


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  • Not be afraid to be honest about their feelings about someone mainly.

  • Really putting any effort into something for my sake makes me feel loved. Making something for me to eat. Telling me she loves me. Complimenting me on anything. Supporting my dreams, even if she knows that I won't ever get around to make any of them happen. I think for most guys it is about the little things a woman does.

    It helps if it is something that other guys can see. That way when our friends complain that their wives of girlfriends never do that for them, it makes us realize how much you really do care, so it keeps us from taking it for granted. Back when I was married, my wife use to make my lunch for me, and the guys at work often commented on how much better I was eating than they were. It really made me feel loved to know she was putting in all that effort for me.


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