Do hot girls date cute guys?

My whole life I've had that curse of being "cute". I've always been told I'm cute by girls and when I tell that I hate being called cute cause it's a cockblock they tell me it's not and that girls like cute guys and hot girls still date cute guys. My last girlfriend was hot but she was the first real hot girl to chase me down. Do hot girls really date cute guys?


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  • Of course! link (she's still chasing after him even after he's dead).

    Because girls are socially trained from a young age that their value is nearly 100% correlated to their looks, women grow up to feel very insecure. To try and cope with this insecurity, they try a variety of different things, including:

    1. hating on men, wishing they were less sexual, trying to make men feel bad for being sexual, trying to change what men should find attractive in a woman, etc.

    2. cognitive disassociation, trying to deny that looks play a part in a person's attractiveness, trying to convince themselves that judging people based on looks is immoral or wrong or our favorite "shallow", and trying to convince themselves that they are more attractive if they can achieve something as effortless as simply "being a good person."

    3. trying to add perks to being in a relationship with them, to compensate for sub-par looks, education, career, skills with children, cooking, cleaning, claims of being loyal and making a "good" wife in the future someday.

    4. acquiring things of value such as expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, cars, houses, traveling, etc. A boyfriend of husband of high value is also included in the list of things of value that are acquired.

    5. being in a relationship with someone less attractive than she is; being the "better-looking" one in the relationship.

    Let's focus on #5 for a bit.

    Imagine for a second this really hot girl is going out with this hot rich smart guy. Sluts are dying to have sex with him. Whores are dying to marry him and have a piece of his assets and income. Disney princesses are dying to be in a relationship with him to hopefully realize their idealized and romanticized love fantasy. If being with this guy was this hot girl's JOB, how comfortable do you think she would feel with her job security? She would probably need Xanax just to function normally around other women, or the thought of her man being "alone" or away from her.

    Now, imagine the same hot girl, with an average guy who is fairly attractive. Sure, maybe there's some girl out there who would find him so attractive that she would initiate sex with him, but the chances of that are highly unlikely. Also, there's probably some girl out there who he also finds attractive, but nowhere near how smoking hot she (his current gf) is, so the chances of him cheating are highly unlikely. He feels great because he can't understand how someone so hot could be with him. She feels great because she feels safe and secure in her relationship, and she may even be "in control," having him work extra hard and go over the top just to continue to be with her. (For a good example, watch Joanna Krupa in Real Housewives of Miami, when she says: "you have two options, either you marry me or we break up.")

    • This is very true I like this

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  • Do hot girls date cute guys?

    Some do and some don't.

    As a gal who is always considered a hot gal I don't consider cute guys as I associate cute with youth and innocence traits I'm not interested in a partner. Most likely because I'm a gal so unlike guys I'm not primarily focused on youth and innocence in a partner.

    • And that's what I tell girls when they say I'm cute. I tell them that little kids are cute a friggin 6ft 18 year old guy is not cute nor innocent. I also associate cute with small too

  • Yeah I'd date just a Cute guy or a plain guy. It's not about looks but for you, you seem caught up on looks, which is a turn off. A big big one. Just FYI

    • Yea girls have told me that it's personality and confidence that wins the girls I'm going after but I do think looks play a big role

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    • I'm also 18 :P but I am still a kid. Girls have only started taking an interest in me ever since I got tall and skinny tho. I'm still the same person as I was before, but now that the looks have changed girls are only now starting

    • That's sad. They should like you because of who you are! I am a kid too but I also see things more... Long term than most my age. I think you shouldn't worry about it, just wait for a great girl and who cares of she is "decent plain ugly cute or hot"? That really doesn't matter, what matters is how you feel with her. :)

  • Yes they do. They date all kinds of guys. Same as guys date all kinds of women.

  • Yes, not all "hot girls" are superficial.

  • When I hear cute, I think of a nice guy and not a douche bag. Yes, hot girls date cute guys. Those hot girls are not the shallow ones who need their guy to be a calvin klein underwear model. Just because hot girls are hot doesn't mean that they are looking for another super attractive partner.

    • Mmm "nice guy" is also another label shortly followed by my cute one. On the other hand the odd time I have been labelled as "Hot" and an a**hole so in really more confused at where I stand

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  • Cute tends to mean good looking in a youthful way.

    As a teenage male that's probably a mild drawback. In early 20's it will be so so. Late 20's probably a plus and a plus beyond that. I mean the youthful aspect, being cute beats ugly always.

    Generally its an advantage when dating younger women, which at 18 you probably don't want to do that much, but at 28 will sound more appealing.

    'cute' is an advantage for women earlier because the 'peak' age for women is younger.

    • So I basically have to wait 10 more years :P?

    • For it to be a straight up advantage, yes.

      Of course you need to wait 7-8 years for dating to turn in your favor as a male regardless.

  • I get called "cute" quite often...and I've never had a problem with females as long as I was aggressive in a masculine way in showing my interest.

    Girls like "cute" guys; for most girls this is code for them saying you're good-looking but don't want to say something as bold as "hot".

    Cute + aggression = sexy!

  • You just answered your own question, you said your last girl friend was hot .

    • Yea I know but when we broke up my friends all told me "well Hot girls don't date cute guys so it wasn't meant to be" and it left me like... Wtf so that's why I asked the GAG community

    • Sounds like you have some crappy friends, maybe you should get some new friends.

    • Haha no their good but yea that was a pretty air headed thing tosay

  • Ok wtf? What kind of a question is that?

    What exactly does "Cute" mean? that you're cuddly, or fat?

    Also, if you have had a hot girlfriend, doesn't that tell you, hint hint, hey, maybe hot girls do date cute guys?

    Can I say get over yourself, do something useful.

    • I didn't think this Question would offend someone so deeply...

      Cute as in I am the kind of guy that will talk about other girls as if I'm in love with them and not just "oh I want my d*** in her" or I'll talk about dates I'd wanna go on with a girlfriend. Also apparently its my eyes and smile. I light up like a little kid getting a toy for Christmas apparently. Its a combo of things that Give me this label. And also it's because my friends told me that Hot girls don't date cute Guys when we brok

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