Ladies, Would you ever tell a guy this? What is this about?

We saw each other for a few months told me she had butterflies, feelings, and I made her feel special. One day said she wanted to stay here with me and not go back to school 5 hours away. Then she tells me she wants to be with me but can;t because her gut tells her it won;t work.

So here is the question would you ever tell a guy timing isn;t right even though you still have feelings? And then say I want to keep talking? I asked if she was comfortable and she says of course I want too we're friends? What is that about when girls do that?
Not to mention on our last date we were holding hands and made out for a while as she rested her head on my shoulders and forehead.. and that's when she said she didn't want to go.


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  • Ladies, Would you ever tell a guy this?

    Not unless I wanted to headf*ck him.

    What is this about?

    Probably that she likes you but feels it won't work and she can't help herself from wanting to spend time with you. So she's telling you it won't work out so that you don't confuse the time she spends with you as indicative of her making any plans to be with you.

    • lol... that's F*cked up!

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    • i see that... I meant her responses to things led me on. We both went into to things with the thought of there is distance and such but she should not have told me she wants to stay with me, I gave her the positive reinforcement she needed to feel good, that she is happy when she is with me, is attracted to me wants to be with me, I am perfect for her ... I respect her decision just wish she would have thought about what she was saying... Do you think I should stay in contact with her?

    • She also said how special I made her feel, how she could open up to me about anything and I am one of a few males she does trust in life... saying those things is difficult to here if she doesn't want something more. Just seems like a little much for someone who doesn't want anything more than just dating.

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  • It sound's like she's pretty insecure.

    She's putting up a defense because she's worried that it won't work out and she's afraid of being hurt, it's because she is insecure that she is doing this, she probably wants to have a relationship but really isn't very brave.

    • So do I let her be or stay in contact with her? Its 5 hours away and we built pretty solid communication but I am not sure if I play the no contact and hopefully she realizes what she is missing or talk with her now and then. The other night we talked and she said she is very comfortable talkings still because were friends... that's not what she was saying a little bit ago?

  • She has issues. Some girls are kinda crazy. If she says she can't be with you, then you should find someone who can.

  • I just told my boyfirnd I loved him but the time wasn't right. It's definitely possible.


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