What are some ideas to ask a girl to hang out without sounding like a date?

I like this girl who seems very cool with me, we are always joking around and being playful, she doesn't do it with anyone else.

I want to hang out with her, maybe at my house or really anywhere else, it doesn't matter, I just want to spend time with her, I know I can make it happen with more time together.

But I have no clue what is a good excuse, like I don't think she will hang out with me just to hang out, I need an excuse that doesn't sound like a date.


My license is suspended

She drives, she gives me rides sometimes

She is a single mom

I live with some family but have the whole basement for myself

I live near the mountains and also her

We work together

Any ideas?

I forgot to mention she hangouts by herself because she is 20 so she is still in that mode. That helps me.


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  • Well, if you don't want it sounding like a date.

    Say, how about you and your child come over to my home and I'll make you lunch.

    Any other way, I am sure she is bound to get the wrong impression.

    Usually when you invite someone over to your home, (just them), they may think he wants sex because its an option that shouldn't be brought up so soon.

    • I know that, that's why I don't want to make it seem like that.

    • There really is no other option because she will get that impression no matter what unless you do what I suggested. A guy offering an invite to a girl sounds like a date.

    • A couple guys from work that are brothers invited her to hang out with them as they live together, for them it was easier because is two of them, for me, it's just me.

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  • The park: suggest taking the kids to play and packing a picnic lunch for everyone

    The zoo, the mall, depending on how old the kids are a play place the kids can run around and you and her can hang out.

    basically include the kids whenever you can if you enjoy kids that way she doesn't feel bad about leaving them with a babysitter. if she says oh I can get a baby sitter say hey if you need a night off great we can go hang out anywhere your choice kind of thing.

    • This is the correct thing.

      Basically she's a single mum, which means you aren't just trying to impress her by dating, she has to know that you'd be good with her children, that she could trust you with them. If she's a good mother, that the most important thing to her.

      So always try to include the kids when you make plans (except on special occasions like her birthday or valentines).

    • Involving the kid definitely calls for relationship and she is not in a position to be in a relationship right, she stated. That's why is better not to involve him.

  • Some girls like it when it sounds like a date, but then if you don't want her to think that then just tell her while your hanging out together (tell her it's not a date, that you just like to laugh with her). But make it sound as if you think it would be funny if you two dated. Normally that will make her think higher of you, and think more about what it would be like to date you.

    • She is no looking to date anyone, that's why I'm avoiding the dating thing, it will be an immediate turn off.

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    • Yup.

  • well, you guys can just go hiking for a day, maybe bring a few close friends or possible family members? Another idea, is maybe again with friends go on a mini car trip or a drive. Other than that, you might have to explain that it's not a date per say but to just go hang out. Maybe say something like, hey wanna hang out on Friday? I've been interested in taking this hike for a while now. wanna go? I don't know it's something. Hope that helped a little bit.

    • The hike is the perfect idea and I had been considering for so long because I had seem friends doing that and simply owning it after. The problem is I never went to a hike around here, even though I'm sure there are many places since this is a hiking place. I was thinking finding a group that will give me the experience, and then once I know invite her to that.

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  • Why don't you want it to sound like a date?

    • I can't say here or I will get a different type of responses.

  • Can I ask a question? How is she a single mom at 20? Did she have a baby in late teens with some person? Probably yes...Nothing bad about it it's just surprising.

    Perhaps you can say how you're looking for extra cash, you like kids, and you're willing to babysit her kids whenever she wants to go do something outside. Then you can appoint a half day to go to her house and meet her kids and talk to her more. Offer to take them all out to dinner and maybe something fun while you're at it.

    • She pays a babysitter and live with her mom, the whole involvement of the kid won't work because of certain circunstances I don't want to reveal, wich includes the father.

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    • WIll she even want to go hiking? That is what I am wondering. What makes you think she will accept that offer?

    • No idea. I hope she does, or then I need plan B, which I don't have.