Showing a girl you like a different side of you. Need tips!

Hi all, thank you for your time and responses.

I am currently trying to talk with this girl whom I am friends with. It was actually kind of complicated because I know her through her older sister (who previously had a bit of a crush on me, but that ended as I was not interested). My main personality around them and most of our mutual friends was to be the joker and loosen everyone up. Plus, I enjoyed making the younger sister laugh.

I have a dinner date with the younger sister tomorrow night and wanted to find out some ways to not necessarily change who I am, but show her a different side of me, a more intimate and personal side that she can see as I am very interested in her and hope to pursue something in the future. Any suggestions? It’s been extra difficult for me since I have a tendency to tense up around the girls I like and lose that carefree confidence that I usually have…and that’s been the case with her. Thank you!


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  • Honestly, I think you just need to be you. She's known you for awhile, and obviously, she likes you or she wouldn't go out to dinner with you. I think if you started acting different, she might get mixed signals. If you want to be open and show her another side, just tell her she can ask you anything, and you'll give an honest answer. Then, you can kind of show a diff side. Good luck.


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