Guys succesful with women/life: If you had a younger brother...

What are some tips you'd give him about girls, decisions, life in general?


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  • 1. Don't put women on a pedestal OR be an asshat. Talking to them like normal people generally makes them like you more and also gets you laid more often.

    2. Don't get drunk unless you're in a good mood. Othewise, you become a dumbass. Drinking never does a good job at making people happier unless they are happy already.

    3. Wear rubbers unless you're in a relationship. Want your d*** swabbed or baby daddy drama?

    4. Crazy cancels out hot. Period.

    5. Pay attention to how you present yourself and who you are presenting yourself to. I love graphic tees, but wearing them in front of potential employers doesn't help. Want great looking chicks ... work on looking great. Trying to get a loan? Take a shower and put on a shirt with buttons. Etc.


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  • Ha I'd probably be better off seeking tips from my younger brother. He's a very successful professional living in Hong Kong and even bought property there.

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