How does a guy feel when the girl that used to like him now doesn't even notice him anymore?

he was a jerk to her obviously, and she moved on. does it burn when she won't even look at him anymore? or even better if she's moved on with a better mature man now?


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  • He won't like it, maybe feel mad or depressed for some time, then he'll shrug, thinking 'Pff, one more'.

    Then he'll go on with his life.

    Many girls don't have the habit of being rejected, most guys learn that very early, learn how to cope with it.


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  • For the first few days, yes

    depending on what he did and what he expected from her he thinks of her as a child/bitch/still likes her

    But saying sorry doesn't work to her I figured that out

    • yea he was definitely mad the first few days...but he gave me no choice, I asked him out and he said he was busy. I felt so rejected so I moved on. he didn't call or anything.

    • that ain't that bad... I had to suffer 4 years because I teased one girl at school and it made her cry and I was like what the hell are you crying about I was teasing

      It was pretty childish but I couldn't figure it out even my guy friends where like wtf but the girls where diffrent

  • What do you expect, he'll feel a bit sad about it.

    • but he was a jerk to me!

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