Should I tell her how I'm feeling?

First of all, I'm not controlling, whiny, or needy I'm just a guy who wants more attention from my girlfriend. I text her sometimes and I get no response from her, I would love to call her but her phone is off and we use Skype to talk to each other. The issue I'm having with her isn't trust, I have an issue with her saying she will call me and she never does unless It's at night. I shower her with attention and she never gives it back (well sometimes she does) she thinks everything is fine, but her lack of attention is taking It's toll on me and I've almost considered dumping her and finding a girl who can give me proper attention and I'll do it in return what do I do. The last time I heard from her was this morning.


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  • That's so sad :( since you're together, you frigging deserve some attention!

    What about, if you just pull away a little bit and let her make the first move? Like, instead of showering her with attention? Would she notice? Would she be sad or relieved?

    Or, you could, like you said, tell her how you feel... But I feel like it might just get awkward..

    Personally, I think that when a person doesn't get enough attention from their partner, they're going to go seek for it from someone else. I'm not saying you should, I'm saying that she should realize that.

    Good luck no matter what you decide to do. :)

    • I would never cheat on her ever, I may leave her, but I'd never cheat.

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    • She says she loves it, she likes to know that I care about her, and she babysits her baby cousin and does chores everyday.

    • Well why can't she understand that you would love it, too?

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  • I am sorry to hear that you are going through this problem. Here is my advice, no one chases after what they already have. She thinks that she has you. Let her know that you are not an option for her to consider, but a really great catch that she is going to lose if she doesn't change her behavior. So here's what you do, don't contact her as much. When she sees that you aren't trying as hard to get her she will wonder why and come running to you. Believe me, it works. Every boyfriend I have had has gotten me that why. I know it's hard, but if you want her, you gotta play the game. Good luck!


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