How does any guy enjoy or take pleasure in dating?

First, is she into me? is she smiling at me? is she in my league? should I approach her?is it worth it?

then half the battle is asking for a girl's phone number, makes you feel bad and nervous, what do I say to her? how do I say it? do I sound creepy? do I look creepy? is she out of my league? and when you finally do it you either get rejected which feels bad, or you get her number which leads to more problems

once you have her number, now you have to worry about how to call or text her, how many times to do it, not too little not too much, where to go on the first date, when, how to get there, what to wear, how to treat her on the date

and if you get "lucky" and get in a relationship, now you have to worry, does she like me? does she like my looks? does she like my personality? do I smell good? do I smell bad? am I calling and texting too much? is she getting bored? do I need to act like I don't like her that much? should I be more physical with her? how do I initiate sexual contact without being creepy?

so much headache and worrying


Most Helpful Guy

  • The best thing you can do is hit on every woman you see until you no longer care about rejection. Once you get phone numbers/go on dates, put a minimal level of interest into the girl. Let the desperate ones chase you. Flip the script and play the game by the girl's rules, not the guy's. The key to not being frustrated as a guy is stop caring so much about women's feelings or opinions of you. Casual disrespect of women does work. You need not be a complete a**hole, but don't let girls off the hook. Let them work for you!

    • Lol. Good luck with that. You must be into the clingy girls who have no self esteem. QA if you want a real woman who has a good head on her shoulders, don't listen to this advice. It's NEVER okay to disrespect anybody!

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    • So you like to give these desperate women false hopes that you will have a relationship so you can sleep with them and use them? You sound like an awesome guy. Sorry but not all guys are just in it for sex. Is a good relationship not worth the chance and effort either? Remember one day you will grow old and women will no longer be at your disposal thus leaving you all alone. You sound butter imo.

    • If given the choice, a majority of men would take regular sex without a relationship than having a mediocre relationship with occasional sex. With a lot of girls today, it is easier to get them to sleep with you than it is to convince to be a good girlfriend. I am and know tons of guys who used to think that relationships were the way to go. We act "badly" towards girls, because they respond to it. You may not, but a lot, if not a majority do. Talk to your sisters! lol

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  • It's the same for chicks. Dating suck ass ... but finding the right person is enjoyable. It's like work -- getting a paycheck is why most people go to work, not work itself.

    Also, stop worrying so much about things out of your control. Accepting that many people won't dig you is half the battle. It sucks to be rejected, but it's inevitable. All of us get rejected.

    Make it easier by:

    a) not investing very much in a person you barely know -- sure, you think they are soooooooo hot, but that doesn't mean anything other than that your hormones are playing games.

    b) realizing that one person rejecting you doesn't mean that you need to change yourself. People are different. Girl A likes different things than Girl B. You only need to worry when you start seeing a pattern and want to fix it -- ESPECIALLY if it's something you notice in many areas of your life.


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  • I just don't worry about it and be myself. If she doesn't feel I'm treating her like she wants to be I would expect her to tell me. The same thing goes for me I would tell her if things were a little off. It sounds like your over thinking the situation and causing yourself more stress than you need to. Just relax and let what's going to happen, happen. If it doesn't work out, oh well, its not the worst that can happen.

  • How about you stop worrying? The way I see it, every girl likes me until she says or shows me otherwise. If it turns out that I get rejected, then I stop caring in a couple of minutes. As far as going on dates, that's just fun and could end at one of our places.

  • lol just reading that puts me off of dating


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