She stared at me with anger. Someone explain this for me please?!!!

So I'm a college student & there's this colleague with me (lets call her X)...since she came to college 2 years ago...we were just friends, I didn't have any crush on her...on the 2nd yr, I had a crush on her...and yes, I wanted to show her that...I remember once she was absent on some lab...and I copied all my notes (2 pages)...I wrote it again for her intentionally didn't use the copier...I remember once she was sick, and I was there for her and asked the prof on behalf of her to let her out and he did...i used to go up to her when she is sick and tell her I wish you get better...and sometimes tell her she looks beautiful...that's from my side...from her be honest, I didn't feel like she did me the same things I did for her (like something to show interest) but she was like a closer friend...anyways once I remember we were sitting next to each other in lecture...she was holding a survey in her hand that was distributed to all students (its not that important) so I took it from her hand and wrote that she's a 5th year student while she's a 2nd year (just joking around with her) then she shocked me with her reaction...she stared at me with anger like for a minute and I was like I didn't do anything...i mean its not that big deal...since then she stopped talking to me not even saying hi..she was different!

for god's sake, what happened?! don't worry I didn't even tell her I love it was still just a friends thing...but still its weird!


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  • did you try apologizing or talking to her after the incident?


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